CrossFit Regionals 2018 Visualizations: Week 3

The CrossFit Regionals are finished and the Games athletes have been selected! Here are the visualizations for the third and final week of the competition, containing the Atlantic, Meridian, and Pacific Regionals. As in the previous 2 weeks, everything was done using R. Also, just like last week with the Latin America Regional, I chose to include all top 5 athletes even in the case of the Meridian Regional which had only 4 CrossFit Games qualifying spots.

First, event finishes. For the Atlantic Regional:

For the Meridian Regional (look at Event 5 for the men, and Stephanie Chung for the women):

And for the Pacific Regional:

Now for the cumulative points. In the Atlantic:

In the Meridian:

And finally in the Pacific:

For the women, it was the Tia-Clair and Kara show. On the men’s side, look at the points after event 5 for Royce Dunne and Zeke Grove. They were in 10th and 11th place, and managed to come back in event 6 and both get a Games qualifying spot.

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