Crossfit Games 2020: Events 5-7

This post continues the series of posts looking at the 2020 Crossfit Games. The previous post that covers events 3 and 4 is here. The workout descriptions can be found here.

Event 5: Nasty Nancy

The men were a lot more separated than the women on the top finishes for this workout, with Fraser coming in almost 30 seconds faster than second place.

Event 6: Handstand Hold

This is a workout where it is interesting to compare the men and women on the same plot:

The top male finisher (Noah Olsen) would have finished 10th on the women’s side!

Event 7: Awful Annie

Overall standings

Here are the standings after the online portion of the Games was complete. The top 5 who will go on to the Ranch for in-person competition are colored. Remember that you can mouse/hover over the plot to see more information.

Event Finishes

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